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Did we just spend a year applying excessive scrutiny to a wonderfully strange case? So we known as Jim Trainum again up. He’s the former murder detective we employed to review the investigation and we asked him, “is Adnan’s case unremarkable? If we took a magnifying glass to any murder case, would we find similar questions, related holes, similar inconsistencies? He stated most circumstances, certain they have some ambiguity, however overall, they’re pretty clear.

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I’m the one which requested for this. You guys had it sitting for sixteen years and you by no means examined it. It’s unimaginable for it to be sitting there for sixteen years and also you guys by no means examined it. So that’s fantastic, I want it tested. Sergeant Something informed her that they now had a suspect for this Owings Mills case from 15 years ago. They tested some old DNA and a match got here back to this different guy who’d carried out other crimes, largely burglaries.

He simply wants to complain about how he does every little thing for you and you’re still not pleased. 7.He may not flirt again when a girl hits on him — but he doesn’t say anything to put an end to the flirting both. You can inform that he likes the eye. That he desires different women to want him. That he likes having other choices.

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Serial is a production of This American Life and WBEZ Chicago. I was simply pondering the opposite day, I’m fairly sure that she has individuals telling her, “look, you know this case is– he’s in all probability responsible.

Even though you aren’t bragging in any respect, he makes you feel like you would possibly be. He makes you’re feeling horrible about being pleased when he had a foul day. There’s no point in making an attempt to give you a more than likely scenario for what happened to Hae, because you could posit a hundred scenarios and so what?

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That every thing lined up towards him simply so. Because sure, there’s a police file full of information, circumstantial data that appears unhealthy for Adnan. But let’s put another file subsequent to that one, facet by facet. In that second file let’s put all the opposite proof we now have linking Adnan to the precise crime, the precise killing. Not what do we predict we know, what can we know? If the call log doesn’t back up Jay’s story, if the Nisha name is now not set in stone, then give it some thought.

He says Jay advised him he was afraid that folks had been after him. People linked to the assassin. He was, I mean, frightened out of his mind and never of the police. I imply, he was afraid of going to jail, however not like he was afraid of– Adman, I guess is the way you say his name, I don’t know. They are scorching as fuck and the sex is superior. Dan has already helped 1,000s of fellows to get instant outcomes with ladies and he would love that can help you too. Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship skilled.

As a juror I vote to acquit Adnan Syed. Even if in my coronary heart of hearts I think Adnan killed Hae, I still have to acquit.

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Don’t inform me Adnan’s a pleasant man, don’t tell me Jay was scared, don’t inform me who might need made some 5 second cellphone name. Just tell me the information ma’am, because we didn’t have them fifteen years ago and we still don’t have them now. We’ve all the time mentioned Adnan was over the breakup. But only for arguments sake, let’s say he wasn’t over it. Adnan and Hae had broken up and gotten back collectively a number of occasions. When they break up in mid-December, maybe Adnan thinks she’ll change her thoughts once more. They’re nonetheless pleasant; several folks stated to me they couldn’t inform or didn’t even know that Hae and Adnan had damaged up, or mentioned that Adnan was nonetheless referring to her as his girlfriend or said he informed them they’d get again collectively.

Seeing that different girls like a man is an important a part of how women price a guy’s value. Women are extra drawn to guys who produce other girls excited about them. The thing is, you probably are a extremely good man and you most likely would treat her nicer than her boyfriend. He will then start to daydream about being her boyfriend and can turn into fixated on stealing her away from her current man, so he can have her all to himself. This special girl that actually you like might have been flirting with you, been very pleasant in the direction of you and may have even given you the impression that she likes you or finds you engaging.