Ladies, don’t spend your time with guys exactly who want to know for funds

Ladies, don’t spend your time with guys exactly who want to know for funds


We listened with enjoyment as Vera Sidika stream the woman cardiovascular system out regarding the breakup with Otile Brown again. The main reason, she stated, was actually considering that the man maintained asking the woman for financial help. Just in case she wasn’t impending, he would sulk for several days.

But the reason why around would a woman offer someone good gender subsequently past that pad their pouch with revenue? Any time you fall in this category of women, please contact the vagina for a gathering and apologise for your absurdity!

Even though some women are dealing within things for classy apartments, luxury trucks alongside property, you want to indulge a grown up ass man with money?

I will be even just starting to trust those university chicks who change her wares for fish and chips. I simply cannot get the man-sponsoring rubbish.

Unless he needs those funds to correct his groins to give you much better solution in bed, never ever, and that I mean never, part with a money to bail-out a date.

We can’t believe its about 2019 and female still be seduced by these good looking, broke butt leeches just who best can pose for Instagram images. Aftermath the hell right up. Any people which wants money from a lady he or she is not partnered to is scum.

End encouraging this idiocy. Whenever the Bible said that guy must sweat to consume, it wasn’t about your sweating topless in addition to your. Any self-respecting man goes and toil for their hold. If for example the loins terribly need stirring, what about you opt for the jua kali dudes, maybe not these shameful creatures.

The presidents of I-am-broke-and-proud circumambulate sporting pants that hardly touch their unique ankles. Those gigolos were gifted utilizing the tongue of King Solomon.

Capable worm their unique way into women’s minds, exactly what they really would like is going to be ‘kept.’

They don’t value your. Take off finances and watch them flee in their sleek loafers.

There is no method men might have time for you to on a regular basis strike the gym, generously implement moisturiser and bath in gallons of cologne and still keep a good day job.

They don’t need any such thing choosing all of them, additionally the best possible way to inspire is through staying in touch appearances. They frequently know the who-is-who within this city.

These men will exit through big entrance of palatial domiciles, only for one to realise later which they really are now living in the servant’s areas behind the home.

Her homes have absolutely nothing besides slippers and a mattress therefore thin, it appears to be like a slice of loaves of bread! Every penny they get they devote to high priced clothes and shoes just to have you think all of them are that.

Might never ever let you anywhere close to their homes, usually insisting on spending the night at the place. No man worth their sodium need to have nude in a residence he has never ever invested a coin on. The worst parts would be that these leeches aren’t even great between the sheets, exactly what utilizing the constant calculations on which key they’ll use to suck money from their lady afterward? Together with them, it’s usually about botched deals or somewhat raise within company that they will pledge to pay straight back. But that may never result.

However they are charming! A few days inside commitment and they’re going to be creating the woman’s vehicle and just have pins with their Automatic Teller Machine cards.

Ladies are practically getting financing to pamper these living sex toys. Dick-whipping are actual in Kenya!

If you see them, they appear to be really ambitious, however in truth, they’ve been lazy people that wish to bed their particular option to richness.

Government entities should simply legalise prostitution with the intention that these males can conveniently make along Koinange Street and give united states a choice of having to pay per hour.

Feeding, apparel and houses a whole pig just for a lousy piece of sausage just isn’t really worth the difficulty!

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