Neatly Used Set of Chairs

Neatly Used Set of Chairs
Neatly Used Set of Chairs
Kiev, st. Polyarnaya, 20-D
There is a pickup from
Folding chair 82x68x79 cm OC00157 turquoise
I bought two. For myself (100 kg) and my wife (55 kg) A week of use. The wife’s box is normal. Mine broke on the side. The permissible load from the manufacturer is 120 kg.
Folding chair UP! (Underprice) 48x88x40 cm green
Folding chair NeRest Fisherman Premium NR-38
try to build the support of the vicorist one, or even a universal plasmask and to the side of the house not so sideways attached (viglyadaС” nibi offense livi), but only in that, well …
Portable chair Time Eco TE-36 SD
We read the reviews, but we thought it might coincide. We decided to buy a pair. A month later, the plastic fastening of the rails burst. Recommended use weight up to 140kg. Maximum …
Folding chair UP! (Underprice) 54x54x91 cm DES102D (2015)
Not inviting comfort, but for the same price the style can be worthy. I will hope that the mechanism will serve more than one rik.
It would be cool if the leg didn’t break)
Folding furniture set Grilland SX-5102-1
Bombless kit! I am satisfied with the purchase, I take it permanently from the trip! Styles do not break!