News Release Information president and primary officer that is executive of wealth exhibit .

News Release Information president and primary officer that is executive of wealth exhibit .

DALLAS (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI), a leading international money move and repayment services business, announced these days that it has actually revived a longstanding deal with one among the most extensive providers, ACE money Express, Inc. , an Irving, Tx -based financial services organization. The extended seven-year arrangement forms upon a sturdy partnership involving the two companies who may have smartly worked well jointly for twenty-five years to deliver access to substitute financial services for consumers in the U.S. with this specific revival, MoneyGram has secured eight of their top 10 agents by the very first coin of 2017 or beyond.

“Our company is exceedingly very happy to renew the agreement with ACE wealth show , that has been a superb partner in developing our personal U.S. company. This restoration underscores MoneyGram’s powerful brand that is global track record of accomplishment much more than 200 places and areas, and unique way of serving the brokers and people,” says

Pamela H. Patsley

, MoneyGram’s president and chief executive officer. “Our U.S. consumers have actually used our very own services at ACE money exhibit places for a long time, and together, all of us look ahead to establishing on our very own shared accomplishment. MoneyGram is continually dedicated to increasing solution shipment, and now we importance ACE’s capacity to fulfill customer requirements for pass transactions, cash bill and pickup transaction services.”

Using the contract, MoneyGram’s whole room of services money that is, cash requirements, expense repayments

— will still be offered at more than 1,400 U.S. serve wealth Express shops.

Consumers also can access MoneyGram’s web services by the ACE financial Express internet site, wherein they may hook up right to MoneyGram to move resources or pay bills.

” For over one fourth of the millennium, serve wealth Express and MoneyGram have provided useful monetary solutions to many people,” explained

Jay B. Shipowitz

“ACE’s top priority is always to provide customers with accessibility goods and services that will assist them meet their particular goals that are financial and we think that serve’s cooperation with MoneyGram remains of tremendous importance for our consumers.”

About MoneyGram Overseas, Inc.

MoneyGram , a major money exchange corporation, provides important solutions to buyers who aren’t entirely offered by typical finance companies. MoneyGram supplies worldwide money transfer services in more than 200 nations and regions through a global system of 345,000 representative locations, including suppliers, intercontinental article offices and banks. MoneyGram has the benefit of costs cost services, issues money orders and processes checks that are official select areas.

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