Partnerships with close customers are the center of our organization, and considerable hard work is definitely placed into visualising and satisfying their needs

Partnerships with close customers are the center of our organization, and considerable hard work is definitely placed into visualising and satisfying their needs

Ultrabulk happens to be the leading international dried out size manager, offering its consumers in maritime transportation requirements through the Panamax, Supramax, Handysize, MPP and technical parceling service.

Collaborations with close customers are the heart individuals business, and significant energy is definitely put in visualising and encounter their needs. Lasting viewpoints motivate investments targeted at building particular family and assistance.

With a valuable asset mild enterprize model and a sturdy focus on danger test, our company is a good choice for the maritime transport requirements.

Ultrabulk A/S are a subsidiary of Ultranav, an independently possessed transport business for over six many decades, headquartered in Chile and operating throughout the world with workplaces in 15 countries.

a€?A mate you’ll be able to trusta€?

Imagining worldwide, acting locally

Ultrabulk was based in Gentofte, merely outside Copenhagen, Denmark. By way of the Ultranav collection, we’ve powerful links to south usa and Chile in particular, but you likewise have longer practice in Danish transportation with sources as far back as 1897 and a€?Rederiet Myrena€?, which was in the beginning a portion of the usually renowned eastern Asiatic business (EAC).

Customers are served from seven practices situated near commercial establishments throughout the world. The geographic spread of offices enables people to provide the lovers in their own personal time zone concerning Chartering or Operation. Each company happens to be motivated with sufficient influence to really make the best organization judgements in fast and efficient method.

Ultrabulk important data

Business model

The collaboration philosophy is founded on long-term relations, combining shipment contracts and tonnage procurement to the essential main of Ultrabulk business model. These long-range partnerships are the foundation for a well balanced program and lasting potential expansion.

a selected user with specialised asset, regional and trade ability is definitely allocated to each spouse. This ensures an easy discussion and a constructive conditions, where all of us see and encounter our personal partnersa€™ demands and goals continuously.

Ultrabulk is definitely committed to continue reducing emissions and minimising all of our green impact. One of the leading conditions challenges for any global transport industry is the IMO focus to reduce the overall greenhouse petrol discharges (GHG) by at least 50percent by 2050.

Possibilities owners try an integral a part of the companies system. Focus your attention is on rigorous version regulate both prior to getting into agreements in addition, on an ongoing schedule. The management devices help out with relation to checking improvements and making certain issues is definitely restricted at appropriate pre-defined rates, that happen to be usually aimed with these method and commensurate with this economic energy.

Center principles

Ultrabulk physical lives by a couple of corporate ideals, helping us in your strategy doing business. We constantly make an effort to getting someone you can trust. Should you wish to comprehend the guidelines we all stay by, please notice the universal companies maxims.


We attempt to lead competition to the associates by anticipating and satisfying their requirements

Most of us convince creativity and development, releasing solutions which happen to be as well as the regular

We strive to continuously increase the standard and success of solutions taken


We believe that particular dedication and work efficiently accomplished makes a difference

Most of us struggle our selves to produce appreciate and exceed customersa€™ targets

The audience is passionate about our very own get the job done and all of our service


Most people respond in a honest sorts, concentrated on durability and preserving our personal status

We all convince individual and professional progress and a good harmony between perform and personal being

Most of us market team nature in a multicultural location, without discrimination of any kind


We are focused on developing and exciting a secure doing work heritage onboard ships and ashore

Most people location safety first, to help keep overall health, daily life, planet, cargoes and benefits without risk

We feel that safety is a fundamental portion of our attitude and solution to our company achievements

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