Prayers-Love and GREAT BIG -Thank you to ALL Military workers (nevertheless right right here or passed away) and their loved ones for serving our NATION.

Prayers-Love and GREAT BIG -Thank you to ALL Military workers (nevertheless right right here or passed away) and their loved ones for serving our NATION.

We state all and families must be person that is military or had individuals looking forward to them and worrying all about them. Hence, Jesus BLESS YOU each

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Spicy Beef, certainly one of my personal favorite meat meals in a full instance of C’s. Just down autumn had been it had been heart burn” that is instant. Happily I happened to be in a position to run-down a medic with a few antacid. I usually enjoyed the pears plus it went great using the lb dessert. I don’t remember consuming most dishes hot. The blue temperature tabs emitted a fuel that will burn off your eyes and c-4 had been harder to find for people. I really do keep in mind about per week once I had been call at the industry we received an incident of onions in error. Also for me personally being fully a FNG these people were a goody but i did son’t appreciate them just as much as the old timers did.

I recall the c-ration that is first we received. It had been a “luck associated with the draw” immediately after we went through the gasoline obstacle coarse at fundamental training. I acquired ham and eggs. I had a few bites but couldn’t obtain the rest down. Then there clearly was the worms that are white red sauce. Never consumed just one of those dishes whilst in nation.

Should have existed 2006 I happened to be searching the internet searching for dudes we served with also to my shock i came across a web page through the unit we served with, first bn 22nd inf, 4th inf unit. Here’s a few of the photo’s from my web web page:

The one thing we find myself wanting every so often ended up being the moment coffee with needless to say dry creamer and sugar in one of the C ration cans that gave it that special flavor although I think it was making it.

vet 69-73 does anybody have a recipe for meat and beans? among the better memories of c rats

Hey Fred, I happened to be with the exact same device I was in B Company, August of 69 through June of 70 as you except. I happened to be constantly thankful that there clearly was a medic around after We consumed the Spiced Beef. Hot or space temp, in either case i got an important bought of heart burn right after eating the beef that is spiced. I recall the time that is first surely got to sample some C’s soon after we went threw the gas barrier back fundamental training. We received ham and eggs. The initial and final time we ate that meal. Beside me it seemed the foodstuff which were my least favorite whenever I first found its way to nation had been my personal favorite ones towards the end of my trip. There clearly was a time soon after making my 2nd relocate to a brand new area we got resupplied with a case of fresh onions in error. Also I quickly consumed one as an apple nevertheless the fellows that were here much longer made rat that is c and threw into the onions. I believe the onions had been gone in just a couple of a days that are few.

The thing that is only skip was the minute coffee utilizing the creamer and sugar. I managed to make it in a c rat can. It had a taste i am unable to replicate even today.

yes I recall . you have got any idea the way the mean and beans were made have not discovered a substitute that is close them. Ate a complete great deal as a youngster . would like to look for a rec for them now lemon help powder ended up being good with a few lineage tasting water

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