Security and Protection – a security agency in Kharkov.

Security and Protection – a security agency in Kharkov.

Our company is one of the leaders in Kharkov, providing a full range of security services, which are generally subdivided into physical and technical security. If you intend to order our services, you are making the right choice, since the effectiveness of working with our security firm has been appreciated by many government agencies, legal entities and individuals. “Protection and Protection” differs from other security agencies in Kharkiv by the following criteria: flawless long-term work experience, exceptionally professional staff and loyal pricing policy with high quality service.

Basic services of a security agency.

Physical security. No technical system can replace an experienced security guard with special education, years of training, impeccable skills and the ability to think analytically. No matter how reliable and modern the technical system is, it needs to be installed and operated by a specialist.

That is why physical security services will always be relevant, since they enhance and improve the functioning of various technical means, being an irreplaceable addition to them. Physical security is indispensable in shopping centers, shops, large offices, public institutions, in country and cottage settlements and even in country cottages.

Agency “Protection and Protection” is ready to provide each client with specially trained security guards who are able to provide qualified protection from various situations. Each of our specialists is carefully selected before hiring. Almost all of the staff are former law enforcement officers or the military.

In order to maintain qualifications and proper physical condition, our employees undergo regular trainings, skills and certification for professional suitability, since we understand that we have no room for error, guaranteeing the safety of a certain object or individual.

Personal security is a type of physical security that involves working with a specific person. A personal bodyguard will provide security, anticipate and neutralize various risks. Among the clients of our agency are successful businessmen, politicians, artists and stars who come to Kharkov, as well as individual showmen, for whom we provide security throughout the country.

Technical security. Physical and technical security perfectly complement each other, increasing the quality of response to various emergency situations. The safety of the facility and life, human health depends on the reliability and functionality of technical means, therefore the specialists of our agency give preference only to professional systems.

Among them: fire and burglar alarms, panic button, perimeter security systems, video surveillance, etc. Experts must test all this equipment before installation and carry out regular maintenance during its operation.

Technical security is good for the protection of apartments, houses and offices, garages, summer cottages, cottages, warehouses and many other objects. It helps to completely exclude or minimize human participation in the protection. Due to this, financial costs are reduced and the guarantee of protection against certain risks, such as fire, breaking of windows, doors, entering the territory, etc., increases.

Security services in Kharkov.

Our security agency in Kharkov provides security in such areas as:

When ordering security services from our agency, you will be completely confident in your own safety or the protection of your facility. We guarantee each client an individual approach, quality service, close attention to various details, unprecedented responsibility and affordable prices.

Contact the “Protection and Protection” agency – we will provide you with reliable protection at the highest level.

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