So what does the term “hook right up” suggest to you?

So what does the term “hook right up” suggest to you?

I’ve seen folks incorporate that term to indicate anything from “meet” to “have sex”, and everything in between. If someone states to you personally “Wanna hook-up?” exactly what do you believe they’re asking?

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    to indicate it indicates lets have intercourse sometimes it indicates allows go out; in my experience this will depend on who’s saying they

    They always suggest “meet”, now it means “have sex”.

    I’m in the Air Force and I also understand that growth workers on KC-135 Stratotankers (aerial refueling jets) make use of the expression “hook up” to symbolize they are going to join with a trailing aircraft to begin fueling they while they are aloft.

    Today, regarding most substance of one’s concern, if someone askes me personally easily need ‘hook up’, I’m using the concept that they should spend time, have fun, and luxuriate in each people team. Kind of like meeting on a night out together, partially or completely.

    Entirely will depend on the context. My buddies have tried they both techniques. Like “lets hook-up this weekend” or “jimmy and I also totally connected yesterday evening!!”

    It indicates “hang on” for me whenever anyone requires if we wish to “hook right up”

    If a buddy asks me to “hook up,” they usually indicates satisfy somewhere. If a guy which I’m not merely set up friend with requires me personally, it probably implies one thing more effective. Basically state I “hooked right up” with someone, I probably indicate that We made with them, perhaps a bit more, but We differentiate between “hooking right up” and actually making love with some body.

    really about it’s clear I’m perhaps not incorrect to consider its meaning try ambiguous….

    Today i simply need to decide which indicating a specific individual possess. 😛

    If it’s just friends i believe ‘let’s gather and hang out’. When it is individuals I’m attracted to, by way of example, it might or cannot imply for bodily with that individual. It can imply various things, depending on who you are talking about.

    Do “hooking up” today always imply sex?

    We take it to imply sex with someone, usually without chain connected, yet not always intercourse itself.

    I was thinking it absolutely was gender without strings attached…but I’m old, and may feel wrong! ; )

    “Hooking up” if you ask me = one-night stay.

    I always accustomed put it to use in order to imply connecting up with somebody—meeting someplace: “Maybe we are able to hook-up whenever we’re both in the town.” My personal sons are fixing me personally quite intensely, advising that into young people this means relaxed intercourse. We dedicated a fairly poor faux jamais by using it during the wrong-way in front of their friends.

    Whenever I was in class school and senior school, “hooking upwards” usually implied “making down.”

    Hooking-up is actually french kissing imo

    Is dependent on who’s stating they i assume. Basically happened to be to make use of they I would imply hook-up in some sexual method. Everything from creating off to having sex… No specific meaning for me personally, I always only inquire when people make use of it.

    @krose, do you realy indicate that whenever anybody utilizes the term “hook up” inside appeal, you must query whatever they imply because of it? Now, that certain appears in my experience enjoy it beats the reason for having jargon.

    @jeruba- haha yeah but I am not up on current words. My buddies understand I’m a large loser which can’t match times. *edit- I’ll you should be like “Wait… Do you…” and in most cases making a gesture. 🙂 subsequently they’ll laugh and that is my personal solution, or “NOOOO. We just made out”.

    HOOKING UP…. Hmmmm i nonetheless imagine its guys mainly inquiring a female to hook-up indicating they wanna go out and possibly have a great time also…

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