The Newest Hafary Gallery: Entrance Pavilion. Thanks for visiting brand new Hafary Gallery!

The Newest Hafary Gallery: Entrance Pavilion. Thanks for visiting brand new Hafary Gallery!

Come on in and we’ll bring you on a fantastical trip down our very own bunny hole into our society of material and tiles.

Let us show you how accessible close style is – and exactly how effortless truly to feature good build within area for a better everyday life available. Meander through the entrances Pavilion, in which a hide-and-seek arrangement of breezeblocks (sunbreaks) encourages a layered – dare we say, flirtatious – display from the space and screen.

Slightly drama happens a considerable ways..


From the architects, playground + Associates

Using inspiration from Alice slipping down the rabbit hole, the entry Pavilion marks the start of

a journey inside wonderland of rock and tiles. A person is “beamed” into this remarkable prelude and greeted by a hide-and-seek arrangement of breezeblocks (sunbreaks) that appear to drift on liquids (actually steel sheers hammered to replicate ripples of water). Material smart, the chance ended up being taken to check out just how one form of tile might be found in multiple steps – through the production of layered displays, ceiling airplanes and furnishings. Tiles are not only finish treatments; they’re able to determine room, and here they enable a layered and flirtatious expose from the spots beyond. To not ever worry; you’ll become transported back every day reality at the end of this fantastical journey.

Area & Ingredients

Panels: Sunbreaks Sitges Arena 14 by Ceramica Ferres, table: Sunbreaks Trencadis Rojo 15 by Ceramica Ferres

Sunbreak is a normal resource in Mediterranean architecture accustomed produce ventilated walls in facades or hue partitions in outdoor spots, likewise in interior space, they’re able to separate situations and produce regions of closeness. Additionally, it makes remarkable aftereffects of light and trace.

At the Pool salon, on structure, mirror ledge and bathtub: Porcelain plank, Tanzania Walnut Rect by Azulev

Through the comfortable Savannah appear the vitality and energy of Tanzania, a blend various tropical forest. It’s a wood effects tile selection of big richness because of its obvious and natural colors. An assortment without big color shading but grain variability, effective at adjusting to almost any indoor and exterior room and any decoration, from many very little to the more old-fashioned and classic.

In 25x150cm, Tanzania tile range offers the sense of spaciousness and unification of area. An imposing timber because of its proportions, but which can be a good option for both large spots and also to develop lightweight room however with an appearance of constant flooring. The collection features a soft relief that recalls the texture of organic material.

Find out more about Tanzania

Pathway: Porcelain tile, Due Maesta by CIR

The sobriety of grey for a color that symbolizes the coming collectively of material and ceramics. Due Maesta, located on the pathway at your feet, is a neutral hue, for amazing style.

The tile range was stimulated by the Due Maesta railroad section. For decades, employees from Reggio Emilia went when it comes to Sassuolo porcelain area departs through the Due Maesta railway place, until 2015, when it was actually shut down. The area, which conserves the memories of entire generations, inspired a substance tale manufactured from greyhued porcelain rock, simple and easy important, due to the fact railway line. Sober, minimalist elegance, excellent for latest places, and in addition suited to enhancing vintage-style furnishings.

Learn more about Due Maesta.

On eros escort Port St. Lucie Spa Lounge, counter: Porcelain slab, 6 Concrete Mud by Gigacer

Cement, in neutral and organic colors adapts for the various goals of life.

The information presented can be utilized on surfaces and structure and also for the development of kitchen/ toilet best and furniture as it is able to manage a powerful colour persistence.

Find out more about Concrete.

Within day spa Lounge, Floor: Porcelain slab, Action Light Ret by Fondovalle

The essential artistic and indefinite phrase of color takes kind in an absolutely innovative tile surface. The cement result satisfy signs and symptoms of a “creative old impact” conveyed by the changes in the tones of colour that exude design, artwork and craftsmanship.

The good thing about hand-worked concrete was revealed in a porcelain collection in huge yet slim sizes – 2780 x 1200mm.

Discover more about activity.

Continue their journey with our company in the Hall of ceramic tiles.

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