This is certainly untrue Cos the man within this pix are sporting a stud on his remaining ear. This publisher are a namma!

This is certainly untrue Cos the man within this pix are sporting a stud on his remaining ear. This publisher are a namma!

Ladies are actually goat in certainly

How become we pretty sure the guy a pastor or a church create

I would like to learn who ordained him a Pastor. He needs to be checked!

Another strike on the correct saints

This can’t be genuine.

Amazing things shall never ever stop

Marvel shall never ever stop

This is certainly absurd

I will be fed up with every one of these tales without any framework. For which country/city performed this arise? What is the term of this chapel once performed this happen?

We marvel in the way jobless bloggers just on the fat butt and dream up storries

He’s not a pastor, he’s depressed and simply desire interest

Glad I happened to be born with wise practice..what a shame.

Pleased I happened to be created with wise practice..what a shame.

That isn’t actual aftermath the f up black colored folk not group just like me can be mind washed in what they see just what taken place towards the lethal ebola like awaken bunch of embarrassments all on your own sorts

Untrue facts this can be from porno.

the actually in one of the direct website.

The reason nearly all of your check this out are cos they said “a pastor did . ” now thats the concept- receive as many customers as you can. He could be maybe not a pastor he could be merely a pimp capturing one of these brilliant sex sites motion pictures.

Goodness mentioned are available while and not to eat the forrbiden good fresh fruit i mean asses this man..

Whether real or not whomever grabbed this picture is actually culpable. Will Jesus deliver them. It terrible once the criminal activity assisting these qualified devils dispersed their particular trade. We weep for my personal generation!

Desperate females controlled by a phony pastor. Must marriage establish a female?

nigerians have become so.jobless,now that is d pastor,his identity, and label of d chapel

Untrue Story -_- the next time much better sir.

I’m sure one thing. If a pastor does something wrong, especially in Nigeria, their term will never be lost into the facts.

Thus the person who set this upwards was an anti Christ punishable by God for His keyword won’t go. It will probably constantly manifest. We shame that person. Also to the illiterate contacting Christian faith fake, Mustapha, we hope individually. I am aware the number of of your brethren switched if they arrived face to face making use of the facts. I am not a saint but i will not increase my terms against God’s someone. Jesus just who created all provides the fix for several issues

Most likely something they became popular a pornography motion picture!

madness and frustration thats exactly what

Following we now have an illiterate like Mustapha A Mala producing spiritual wireclub statements? You’re kind which makes it a definite reason that Nigeria should split! Moron! Your sort belongs in zoo or in Goma or those your own sparsely inhabited dead towns that you have put yours arms to ruin in name of religion!


this can be over madness.crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Whaooooo I’m shocked that this Jesus this is certainly pure madness also beyond madness Jesus need mercy in it.

Can we begin to see the church identity , please it’s terrible to lay against males of God ooo if this sounds like maybe not real kindly eliminate

This christianity sef. Stupid religion for stupid men and women. Fela don currently chat am sha- Pastor dey miliki.

Untrue facts, not satan worshiper could would these.

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