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Direct Commission Intelligence Officer (DCIO)


The Direct Commission Intelligence Officer (DCIO) system provides the opportunity for high performing cleverness experts and armed forces people with certain cleverness and cryptology specialty experience to actualize their abilities being a Coast Guard Intelligence officer. This program is especially searching for people within the Intelligence professional (IS) score, CGIS Agents, DOD solution people, other service that is federal and contractors who’re graduates of accredited graduate and undergraduate programs in cleverness with resumes articulating training and work with human being cleverness (HUMINT)/ Human Derived Intelligence (HDI) collection and reporting, Cyber Threat review, Counter-Intelligence (CI) Operations, or Cryptology. New Coast Guard Intelligence Officers are welcomed into a site whoever moms and dad agency is both a force that is armed a company with broad maritime police force authorities, representing powerful possibilities to fuse cleverness with tactical police force operations. Also, in a period of exponential development in cyber technology, the necessity for skilled yet innovative cyber threat expertise is paramount and represents an exceptional chance of development and responsibility that is professional. Officers that are chosen may have to be able to turn into a vital resource in certainly one of many dynamic fields into the Coast Guard, and can get a short project in the cleverness community. It is critical that candidates are cleverness experts with robust work experience.

Initial Assignments and Training:

DCIO selectees make use of a Coast Guard project officer after selection. The project officer will review the individual’s education, experience and skills, along with their expressed project interests, and assign purchases to a situation at a Coast Guard industry unit that most readily useful aligns the selectee’s talents & potential with all the requirements associated with the Coast Guard. Following commissioning (which does occur about thirty days just before going to the Direct Commission Officer (DCO) program in brand New London, Connecticut) brand brand brand brand new officers will perform permanent modification of station (PCS) sales and report straight to their very very very very very first device for a brief duration. DCIOs will then go TDY to your DCO course. The DCO course will be 4-5 days in extent. At DCO training, DCIOs receive initial indoctrination into the traditions and programs for the solution, and training on solution certain management basics necessary for their success as a commissioned officer when you look at the Coast Guard. After conclusion of DCO training, DCIOs shall come back to their device.

Profession Path:

After their initial assignment, DCIOs can anticipate broadening their experience inside the Intel community, with increasing quantities of leadership and administration visibility with development in ranking. Likewise, after finishing their Intel that is initial assignment DCIOs are encouraged to compete for functional projects to broaden their experience of Coast Guard missions.

DCIO Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Age: reach your 21 st not your 41 st birthday celebration at the time of 30 September regarding the year that is fiscal that the selection panel convenes.
  2. Character Guidelines:
    • Candidates presently when you look at the Coast Guard: Candidates are ineligible for commissioning if into the three years ahead of the first DCO class convening date into the selection period, they’ve been convicted with a court-martial, been granted non-judicial punishment (NJP), received an “Unsatisfactory” conduct mark, received a mark of lower than “4” in every performance measurement, received an adverse Administrative Remarks, or been tangled up in an incident that is alcohol-related.
  3. Citizenship: Must Certanly Be a U.S. Resident
  4. Clearance: Must have a present “” inside info “” approval
  5. Dependency:
    • Cannot surpass 3 dependents (your partner is recognized as your reliant, aside from army status).
    • Coast Guard duty that is active, E-5 and above, with no less than four years active army solution (excluding active responsibility for training), at the least 2 yrs of which must certanly be Coast Guard active responsibility solution might have single or main custody of dependents.
    • All qualified candidates must make provision for a reliant care plan having an indefinite basic energy of Attorney
  6. Education:
    • Have baccalaureate or maybe more level from a certified system in cleverness or even the technology, technology, engineering, mathematics fields that are(STEM. These levels are going to be targeted and weighted thicker than many other levels.
    • Other levels can be considered on advance payday loans online New Mexico a case-by-case foundation
    • University Seniors: meet the criteria to make use of if every one of the here are met:
    • Baccalaureate level should be conferred prior to commissioning date, that may take place more or less thirty day period ahead of the very first DCO course convening for that the panel is making choices.
    • The applicant has a formal page from their university registrar certifying their enrollment, level, major, GPA, and expected date of graduation.
    • Foreign levels: candidates who possess levels conferred with a international college shall use in their application a course-by-course evaluation from a business such as for example Education Credential Evaluators, aside from the addition associated with the interpretation of the level (if in a language apart from English).
  7. Financial: Must meet all bills, rather than have financial obligation to earnings ratio more than 80% (ratio of financial obligation to projected income at applicant’s greatest accession degree i.e. O-2 or o-1, as relevant).
    • Might not have filed for bankruptcy within the last ten years
    • Figuratively speaking: candidates shall additionally reveal with their recruiter any education loan re re re re payments which are in deferment, and also the expected date and level of payment of these loans.
  8. Interview: DCIO candidates must have the suggestion of a Coast Guard meeting board administered by 3 Coast Guard Officers.
  9. Military Service:
    • None needed
    • Other army solution people:
      • Max Active Duty provider: have actually not as much as decade of non-Coast Guard active-duty army solution as of commissioning date, which will be equal to the date that the applicant, if chosen, will need their oath of workplace.
    • Coast Guard Active Duty Enlisted users, to qualify:
      • Needs to be a currently serving as an Intelligence professional (IS) in pay grade E-5 or because of the panel times.
      • OR
      • Must certanly be currently serving being a Coast Guard Investigative provider Agent (any price)
    • DCIO Appointment Grades and Term of Provider:

      1. Chosen candidates will get a 4-year duty obligation that is active.
      2. The choice panel determines the visit grade of every selectee, centered on training, training, and work experience.
      3. Selectees will get a payment as an Ensign (O-1) or Lieutenant (j.g.) (O-2) or Lieutenant (O-3).

      Application Process

      If you’re prepared to use, you have to go to the “Plan Your Next relocate to be an energetic Duty Coast Guard Officer” web page and proceed with the application procedure.

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